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From a brand

to a responsive


No project is small for us. Whether you need a new business card or a Communication Action Plan we are here for working with you.

So tell us...What are your business needs today?


conceptual Plus recipe for better design for hospitality

There is not a secret formula which can be applied successfully to every project.

Creating the right design is like creating a new recipe.
It is imperative to deeply understand the chemistry between ingredients, forget about the outside world, focus on your target, and elaborate something that just works sinuously and reflects the expectation of the brand.

Because it doesn't matter if you have a small business, you are launching a new brand or just looking for a little design re-touch, we are here to help you.



It's necessary to understand your brand, the target and the vision of the business. After the first briefing and data collection, we start with market research that will include collecting materials and information regarding your target, competitors, design trends, and geographic area



At this stage, our creative team will start the design process for you.
Here our experience shines the most. We will create numerous valid design options for you to choose from and together evaluate which concept will be taken into the developing process.



Once the right design option is approved, we will develop the final product ready to print or to upload online. 
Anyhow, we will provide you any assistance you may need also after the project completion. In case of any doubts, we will always be available.


Conceptual Plus graphic design services

From a logo design to a completely new Brand identity.

Crop marks, gutters, bleed lines, colour codes, Pantone references, DPI and layer masks etc.
We promise those above are real English words with real meanings, in fact, they refer to the parameters of a simple file exportation that designers deal with every day. Design means a composition of research, studies and evaluations glued together by creativity at the end.
This is the exact methodology that we use when we create a new project

It's not enough to look nice, a good design needs to work

Strategic Communication 
Action Plan

We will study your brand and your market including competitors, targets and communication trends providing a strategic plan focused on long-term activities and business incrementation.

We will design a new identity for your business. Whether it is an existing company or a new reality, we will work in order to provide you the right brand identity to be ready to communicate with your market effectively.

Design Development

If you already have a logo but you want to develop a full visual design which will represent you the best in all circumstances, a new Visual Design Development is what you are looking for

Old logo refresh
New logo design
Business cards design

Invitation design

Graphic design Services:


Letterhead design
Compliment slip
Menu Design

General Graphic design   -   £30 per hour

Conceptual Plus branding
Services branding

Corporate material Designed for Conceptual Plus

Brochure Design
Leaflets Design
Newsletter Design

Services Web Development


Are you looking to improve your web presence?
There are indeed many ways to promote your business on the internet and the most useful is definitely having an efficient website. 
Now, don't take us wrong, having a website doesn't automatically improve your business volume, Unfortunately, doesn't work that way. A website is an equivalent of shops in a virtual world, it always needs to be promoted and maintained. And here is where we can help you.

We do not only design websites. We develop the right tools to promote your business online efficiently.
SEO strategies, Personal Booking system, Back office platform, client sections...
You ask we develop.

Adaptive Display Website

For all those small businesses which just need
"to be there". One full-page website, 4 section
layout with a menu based on Anchor Points.
Simple but clear, and always available for implementation. 


Conceptual Plus branding

E-Commerce platform concept designed for MioDestino

Adaptive page website with contacts form

Up to four adaptive page, bespoke contact form, your logo, your content and hyperlink to your social media pages. This is the ideal for blogger, artist, or to display their product online.
Your ideas our creativity.


Fully responsive website with

Market analysis

Our best product, We will analyse your business market focused on the company target, customer perception and competitors. Afterward, we will use the results of this research to develop a fully responsive website designed in six different formats in order to be adaptive to all the different devices.   

All the website packages are including a training section and 30 days of full assistance


Following your specifications and requirements, we will design the E-Commerce platform you always wanted, providing the right plugin for your business needs and all the features included in the fully responsive website package. 
Get in touch today for your free quotation.

Services Advertising


Exterion Media, Evening Standards and JCDecaux are responsible for all the advertising on Transport For London sites and outdoor advertising spaces in all the UK. We have been working with the above-mentioned company on the behalf of our clients for the last seven years, gaining experiences that make Conceptual Plus one of the best partner for plan, design and manage your campaigns in the most proficient way.

With Conceptual Plus, you can display your brand at some of the most recognized spots in the world.

Physical Advertising Campaign (print)
+ Management

We will study your brand and with you, we will create the right advertising campaign with evaluation of budgeting, sites, durations and media type.
Managing all the printing and display process on your behalf.

The Internet is a very crowded place and in order to be as effective as possible, a design team needs to create knowing the "rules". In Conceptual Plus we are constantly running tests and analysis in order to be always ready to design smart for all our clients.

Conceptual Plus branding

Advertising campaign in London designed for
UK College of Business and Computing

Contact service


We know every company is different.That's why the market perception studies and analysis are the key points of all our strategies. Because doesn't matter if you need a business card, a new website or a new Brand identity, we will do it according to what it needs to be to reflect your business vision.

Get in touch now, let's have a chat and let's see what we can do for you and your business today.

Email conceptual Plus,
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